Complete Fitness Horsham

Ollie Booth

Personal Trainer

Bootcamp Class Instructor

 Online Personal Trainer 

The Complete Fitness Mission

Creating lifestyle change that sticks; making you healthier and happier!

My mission is to help all those people stuck in a cycle of trying “the latest” workout plans or the next “magical diet” and not getting to where they want to be.

The Complete Fitness approach looks at all areas of health, fitness and wellbeing and how we can make changes to build a better lifestyle. I’m here to educate, shift mindset and empower you to make long-term change.

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What can I help you with?

Personal Training

Creating lifestyle change that sticks through either In Person or Online Personal Training sessions, delivered over a range or locations

Bootcamps in Horsham

Something for everyone! Bootcamp sessions catering for lower impact all the way through to high intensity.