As you are aware the situation surrounding Coronavirus is an ever evolving one, as such this document will be updated alongside any changes in Government guidance.


This document is to outline the steps that Ollie Booth Complete Fitness (OBCF) will be taking to keep us all safe. It also outlines what is expected from clients. Please note that whilst all Government guidance will be followed, OBCF cannot guarantee protection against the virus. It is important you consider this before taking part in any OBCF services.



Presenting symptoms – If I or any of my household are presenting any Coronavirus symptoms I will self-isolate and get tested. Any Personal Training (PT) sessions or classes will be either cancelled, or completed online if suitable. I will then follow the Government guidance about returning once symptoms have passed.


Ventilation – Room size is important to ensure that adequate ventilation can be achieved. For classes, capacities will be adhered to and any windows or doors opened where possible. For PT sessions, individual assessments will be made on room spaces.


Social distancing – To ensure that social distancing can be maintained, class capacities, activity selection and only using suitable locations will be taken into account.


Cleaning – Each piece of equipment will be cleaned before and after use. For classes, the high touch areas will be cleaned before and after the class.


Equipment – Unless between members of the same household, equipment cannot be shared during a training session or class, unless it can be cleaned between uses.


Hand washing/sanitising – I will regularly wash or sanitise my hands.


Changes to services – Please note that in order to meet the current guidelines and to keep us all as safe as possible, there may be some changes to the services. This may include, but is not limited to, restricted variety of equipment, restricted exercises to reduce movement and a lower music volume to reduce raising of voices. Thank you for your patience, I look forward to making adjustments to these areas in line with guidance changes in the future.


Test and Trace – The information required for Test & Trace is collected as part of the general running of the business. Your data is held in line with GDPR as per the Privacy Policy which can be found at If required, your name, phone number and time of visit will be shared with the Test and Trace team. You do have the option to opt out of sharing this information with the Test and Trace team. If you wish to opt out then email



Presenting Symptoms – If you or any member of your household are showing any of the symptoms below, do not come to the class and follow the self-isolation and testing guidance found at

  1. a high temperature

  2. a new, continuous cough

  3. a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste


Social distancing – Ensure you maintain social distancing (2m) with anyone who is not a member of your household.


Hand washing – Before a training session or class starts wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. Repeat at the end of the training session or class.


Masks – You are not required to wear a mask whilst exercising. If you do wish to, then please take extra care not to touch the mask whilst exercising and sanitise your hands regularly.


If you have any questions surrounding this document please email


17th May Update

Bootcamp sessions - Although I am permitted to have slightly more, I will be capping the capacity of the class to 8 to start with, to ensure that each participant can have adequate space. Social distancing should be followed at all times. Masks are not required when exercising. I will disinfect the high-touch areas and any borrowed equipment, before and after the class. Hand sanitizer will be provided by the hall, please use it when entering the hall.


Personal Training Sessions - Social distancing will be followed at all times, except for during boxing/kickboxing padwork, where the combat sport framework will be followed (I will wear a mask and face visor and disinfect/dispose of PPE after each use). Exercisers are not required to wear a mask. Equipment will be wiped down before and after use. At-home sessions are available again, where possible, windows should be opened.

Trainer PPE - For both Bootcamp and Personal Training sessions, as the trainer, I am not required to wear a mask except during padwork for boxing. But if you would feel more comfortable with me wearing a mask, please let me know and  I will be happy to accommodate.